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  My Niece's wedding, I was a guest, Another talented photographer shot the wedding, I just did some grab shots to gift to them of their day.

My Niece's wedding, I was a guest, Another talented photographer shot the wedding, I just did some grab shots to gift to them of their day.

My Story

I was born and raised in Chicago Illinois, I’ve always been a storyteller of sorts, Whether it was strapping on my guitar and writing tunes or having my sketch pad with me all the time, I was ready when inspiration hit me.I attribute all my creative energy to my late Mother. A lifelong musician and artist herself. Because of her my taste in music today can not be summed up in one or two genres, you could always hear either some Motown, Thelonious Monk, Etta James or Mozart at our house.It seems I've been a part of the music scene forever, well at least as far back as the late Seventies; working for Galgano Records, one of the largest music distributors in the Midwest. This fed my hunger for new and different genres of music, especially music from the Indie and Underground scene.

In the late Eighties, early Nineties while attending Columbia college where I studied graphic art, I created a comic book series called “Sid Somebody” for my own publication, F.U.S.H (Falling Up Stairs Haphazardly) Comix. Sid would soon appear in an Indie and Underground music magazine, Progressive alternatives. Now I was a published underground cartoonist. In fact the cartoon character that embodies this website, is Sid.

Right after college, I drifted towards photography as another means of storytelling and being creative. I bought a buddies old Pentax Z10 with 3 lenses for a few hundred dollars, and with a ton of hits and misses accompanied by many rolls of film later, I started to get good. I ventured into studio lighting, my two mentors were the late Art Ketchum and Ronald Anthony and it didn't take long for my love affair with medium format film to begin thereafter.

In 1994, to appease my hunger for more knowledge in photography, I began working for a local photo lab, LaSalle Photo located in the Avondale neighborhood of Chicago; Later to be sold to Kodak in the late Nineties. I met and became friends with some very influential photographers that would drop off their film for processing; the legendary Marc Hauser, Stan Malinowski and the late Art Ketchum, all played a part in my persistence to learn more. While attending the Chicago blues festival that same year, I had the honor of meeting and chatting with the legendary photographer, Paul Natkin. He advised me to shoot everything, no matter the genre or the subject and the following year I shot a street festival featuring Mick Jones (founding member of the Clash), Big Audio Dynamite. From there, I decided to pursue concert photography, combining my love for music and photography.

That summer, Alligator records photographer Eugene Kimmons rolled the dice and took me under his wing to shoot the blues festival. The excitement of being in the pit for the first time was made more memorable when I met the one and only Paul Natkin, once again, shooting the legendary blues great, Luther Allison. Those images I shot from the festival helped land me the job as Event Photographer for US99 country radio(WUSN), opening a whole new world for me as a creative; 

Many shutter clicks later, you can find me in the small town of White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia  where I currently reside. Although I no longer shoot large events, I do still enjoy being a part of the indie and underground music scene again, by offering photo shoots andband promo for some of the local indie talent in and around the Mid-Atlantic and Southern states, I am now making the time on a series of medium format images for some personal projects I'd had on the back burners for way to long,

If you find my style of storytelling to your liking, and would like to set up a session, feel free to contact me, so we can make the best images that tell your story..








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