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New/Old Gear: Toyo 45G II Large Format Camera


Well, I just added a new addition to my gear box; the Toyo 45G II 4X5 large format camera. I had always entertained the idea of buying a large format for years, within the past month I started looking at the Sinar F and P series, the Horseman 450 series and lastly the Toyo G series. All amazing cameras, the Toyo G II won in the end, Price and durability were key points in my purchase. Some other key points included:

> Rubberized knobs,

> Metal construction

> Super bright etched fresnel ground glass [ can’t wait to get a lens for it ] 

> Revolving non vigneting film back

> Geared fine focus. 

> Geared front and rear with fluid axis level

> Independent locks on all movements; front and rear standards, shift, swing and focus knobs

These are just a few of the stand out features that caught my eye. 

Next I will be ordering some Ilford HP5+ Film from one of my favorite camera stores; B&H PHOTO in New York. Then next on the list is too research some lenses for the type of work I plan to use the GII for, mainly portraiture. I have 3 brands in mind; Schneider, Rodenstock , and Nikkor W series, something in the 180mm and 210mm focal lengths.

I can already see that I am going to have lots of fun with this large format camera.

Until next time.




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