Here are “some” of my top must see documentaries/movies ; about photography and/or photographers.

1. IN YOUR FACE: The Neil Zlozower Story.  Tells the Story of Legendary Music Photographer Neil Zlozower 

2. SHOT! The Psycho-Spiritual Mantra of Rock: The Story of Legendary Photographer Mick Rock.

3. The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman’s Portrait Photography, First Woman to shoot With The 20x24 Polaroid Camera.

4. Smash His Camera: The Story of Notorious, Reviled Photographer, Ron Galella

5. Hondros: Documentary of War Photographer Chris Hondros, Killed Photographing The Civil War in Libya. 

6. The Photographer of Mauthausen: The Film Tells the Story of Photographer Francisco Boix and His Life in The Mauthausen Concentration Camp. 

7. Kodachrome:  

8. Salvador: A 1986 Drama about the Salvadoran Civil War, Starring James Wood. 

9. Photographer Albert Watson: Presented By The Smithsonian Art Museum and The ASMP. 

10. Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

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